Community Elder Flora McCallum hugs the Grade 1-2 students after her presentation for Aboriginal Storytelling Day.

Community Elder Flora McCallum hugs Lyric Atcon, a Kindergarten student after her presentation for Aboriginal Storytelling Day.

Sákihitók mina wicíhitók

Love one another and help one another

(Cree Proverb)

The first time you reel in a fish from the frozen Canoe Lake, you will understand why we love Cole Bay. A beautiful resort community, located on the shores of Canoe Lake, Cole Bay is only 40 km on gravel highway from Beauval and 15 kms from her twin school of Jans Bay. Now home to a fully equipped convenience store with order-in and out food, basic grocery needs, laundry and fuel; it is easier than ever to pick up what you need without having to leave town.

Lakeview School has a current enrollment of 45 students from Prekindergarten to Grade 8, staffed with 3 full-time teachers. There is a gym, full kitchen, computer lab and four classrooms full of little learners!

Our community boasts four teacherages provided by the board. In our spare time community members and students participate in cross-country skiing, hockey, baseball, camping, trapping, fishing and ice fishing. You will never be bored! This is truly a lovely school and community in which to live.